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Black Berry

Tender blueberry candy, vanilla mousse "Ledger", crispy chips with almonds and hazelnut, macaroni on almond powder.

118 UAH 130 g


Apple Clfutin with a delicate musk "Ledger", caramel gnasham and crispy chips with almonds and hazelnut.

118 UAH 125 g


Moslin cream with black chocolate, walnut powder bacon, white chocolate mousse, caramelized hazelnut.

118 UAH 115 g


Mousse with black chocolate, macaroon on hazelnut powder, English cream on natural cream and yolk, bacon on powdered walnut.

118 UAH 100 g


Caramel and coffee mousse, chocolate gnash with mascarpone cheese, cream brulee, nutmeg sponge cake.

118 UAH 105 g

Berry bouquet

Raspberry mousse, blueberry cream, yolk-cooked, mousse with white chocolate, coconut sponge, glazed strawberry jelly.

118 UAH 110 g
Please pay attention! In the manufacture of desserts using a special technology of shock freezing, which allows you to freeze the product for a long time, during which the product does not lose quality when thawed. This allows you to produce products without using emulsifiers and stabilizers to preserve it. Desserts are taken out of the freezer just for your order. Given that we try to deliver orders as quickly as possible, they will not always have time to completely thaw until they reach you! Thank you for understanding.