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By the end of the action there are:


By the end of the action there are:


Pizza Bavarian 30 см

bavarian sausages, mozzarella, parmesan, spice, sause

230 UAH 184 UAH 470 g

By the end of the action there are:


By the end of the action there are:


Pizza Bavarian 40 см

bavarian sausages, mozzarella, parmesan, spice, sause

365 UAH 292 UAH 660 g

By the end of the action there are:


By the end of the action there are:



8 pcs / 225 g

rise, smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, sesame

8 pcs

210 UAH 168 UAH 225 g


Three cheeses

8 pcs / 215 g

rise, philadelphia cheese, soy cheese tofu, cream cheese, japanese mayonnaise, sesame

8 pcs

142 UAH 215 g

Philadelphia with vegetables

8 pcs / 210 g

rise, philadelphia cheese, avocado, cucumber, bulgarian pepper, sesame

8 pcs

142 UAH 210 g

Chucka with cheese

8 pcs / 230 g

rise, philadelphia cheese, Chucka salad, nut sauce, bulgarian pepper, parmesan, sesame

8 pcs

155 UAH 230 g

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Assorted maki

32 pcs / 440 g

"Kappa-maki", "Sake-maki", "Unagi-Maki", "Ebi-maki".

32 pcs

503 UAH 440 g

Sakura Set

32 pcs / 875 g

Sorry, this entry is only available in Ukrainian and Russian.

32 pcs

570 UAH 875 g


24 pcs / 650 g

Philadelphia with salmon in sesame, 3 cheeses, Kawasaki.

24 pcs

593 UAH 650 g

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Pizza Lviv


By the end of the action there are:


By the end of the action there are:


Pizza Bavarian

bavarian sausages, mozzarella, parmesan, spice, sause

Diameter of pizza, cm

230 UAH 184 UAH 470 g

Pizza Margarita

tomato, mozzarella, parmesan, spice, sause

Diameter of pizza, cm

186 UAH 500 g

Pizza Carbonara

bacon, champignons, crimean onion, mozzarella, parmesan, spice, sause

Diameter of pizza, cm

224 UAH 500 g

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  • Оля
    3 months ago

    Дякуємо за смачні роли, культурне обслуговування та чудову доставку. Замовляємо не вперше і завжди задоволені!!!)

  • Маріанна
    3 months ago

    Приїхало все швидко, було дуже смачно.)

  • Надія
    3 months ago

    Все було дуже смачно! Замовлення приїхало з точністю до хвилини!Дякую!!!)

  • Андрій
    3 months ago

    Все як завжди супер,замовляю лише тут! Смачно! Рекомендуємо! 5/5❤️! Дякуємо за вашу працю!)

  • Андрій
    3 months ago

    Піцца супер,завжди смачно! Дякуємо за вашу працю та якість!🎄🫶🏼)


we prepare only after receiving the order

We use only fresh certified products

we are preparing the right technologies

We adhere to the traditions

We guarantee excellent taste of dishes

We offer large Sieve portions

We provide convenient service from order to payment

really fast delivery of your order

The most delicious rolls with delivery from the company - Delivery of Origami Sushi Lviv

Sushi delivery in Lviv is becoming more and more popular. Now it is an alternative to a trip to restaurants or a long cooking process at home. Until recently, such exotic, and today known in every family in Lviv - Japanese sushi and rolls have long taken pride of place in the diet of Lviv. Hardly any other oriental dish can boast of such recognition and unconditional success among Europeans.


      Sushi appeared on the menu of restaurants in Lviv only 10-15 years ago, and later online restaurants began to offer such a service as sushi delivery. It is enough to taste real sushi 1-2 times in Lviv, and you can safely join the ranks of connoisseurs of this dish.


      We at Delivery Origami Sushi Lviv are pleased to offer you a wide selection of sushi, rolls and sets with home or office delivery. Shrimp and avocado, salmon and eel, tuna, sesame, excellent Philadelphia cream cheese inside a soft layer of light, airy and dense enough rice of a unique recipe will not leave you indifferent.


Our range includes:

  • Sushi - many species that are constantly replenished with new delicious species. Currently, we have available to order such types as - Philadelphia, three cheeses, Chuka with cheese, California, Chicago, Gourmet, Futo Shyake and many other sushi. You can read about each of the types of roles on the website. All items are illustrated with photos - the sushi on them is the same as we will deliver to you.
  • Soups and salads - Haven't you tasted our soups yet? We need to correct the situation, because they are a real work of culinary art. Our chef prepares delicious not only sushi but also miso soups just like they do in Japan. We will tell you about Chuk's salad separately - you will definitely not be able to break away from it, and how useful it is!
  • Rice chips - delicious, healthy chips are a great alternative to what we call potato chips. From   such your figure will be safe, and they taste much better than chips from the pack.
  • Sushi sets and rolls are a great option for a large company or for real fans of sushi in Lviv . We now offer you more than 20 types of sets that include a variety of sushi and rolls. Sets vary in weight and amount of sushi.
  • Pizza Lviv - Yes, we are also preparing this popular Italian case for you. Pizza has long had no borders, it is prepared and loved all over the world, including Japan. So, offering you real Japanese dishes, we also offer wonderful Italian pizza.
  • Desserts - sweet, delicious desserts will appeal to all gourmets. Both girls and boys, children and adults alike enjoy them.
  • Separately, we make a section of new items that appear in our constantly. Thanks to this section of the site, you will not need to look for something new among the menu - just come and order our new sushi in Lviv and our delivery will not let you down. Also do not forget to leave your comments, it is very important to us that you like what we offer.

      In addition to these standard units for our site, you can also order drinks and see which of the dishes we have a real hit of orders.


Why should I order from the company - Delivery of Origami Sushi Lviv?


      Our regular customers know very well why we need to place orders, and for beginners we will be happy to tell you why Sushi delivery (Lviv) from Origami is so popular among residents and guests of our city of Lviv.


Our advantages:

  • the premises where sushi is prepared have been designed for this purpose, meet the strict requirements of the state sanitary epidemiological station and have the appropriate   permits and certificates ;
  • we use only certified sushi products purchased from the best suppliers, we carefully control the storage and cooking processes. You can be sure that when ordering food from the company   Delivery Origami Sushi Lviv, they are made by hand from the freshest products.
  • we prepare sushi according to the technical conditions developed for culinary products of Japanese cuisine, which are delivered to Lviv;
  • kitchen workers - professional chefs who have passed the certification and the necessary sanitary examinations;
  • we pack all orders efficiently and conveniently,
  • fast delivery of sushi in Lviv - from 30 minutes
  • Origami always offers delicious onshore promotions and discounts for regular customers.
  • our delivery is free in Lviv and its surroundings with a minimum order.
  • Our food range is constantly updated.

This is not all our advantages. To get to know them, all you have to do is place an order, wait an hour and enjoy the amazing taste of the wonderful dishes from the company   - Delivery of Origami Sushi Lviv .


How to order in Origami?


Making an order in Lviv is extremely easy and simple, it only takes a little time and perform the following algorithm:

  • Visit us - Origami Sushi Delivery Lviv .
  • Choose the sushi you'd like to enjoy.
  • Call from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Place an order.
  • Pay online or courier in cash when delivery is made.
  • Wait a while while your meals are ready and coming to you.
  • Accept delivery of sushi, rolls or desserts.
  • Enjoy the goodies!
  • Leave us feedback on food, service and overall impression.

      Here's everything you need to do to enjoy a wonderful sushi from the company - Delivery Origami Sushi Lviv!


      We work for you every day from 11.00 to 23.00 without weekends. Delivery of your orders is carried out promptly to any point of Lviv to the specified address. Choose and order! Bon appetit!


Sincerely yours, Delivery Origami Sushi Lviv